Four ways to make your website look great on a smartphone

More and more UK consumers are using smartphones and tablets to access the internet. According to Ofcom, 58% of us now have a smartphone and 19% have a tablet computer. What’s more, we’re regularly using these devices for online browsing and buying.

Yet most SME websites are not optimised for mobile phones. That’s despite the fact that Google mobile searches have increased tenfold in the last two years.

Making the mobile web-browsing experience as painless as possible for potential customers means thinking about some important basics.

1. Focus on what’s important

Work out what content your mobile users need and are most likely to be looking for.

Local information is the key here. Users don’t want to have to search through lots of pages to find out where your business is located, your opening times, or the service area you cover.

What they want is instant access to information that’s important to them. Like your address, telephone number, directions to your location and a brief description of your services.

2. Think like your users

Screen size is limited on a mobile phone and web pages take longer to load.

So it’s best to only include just the information basics, making sure content is easily viewable without users having to zoom or resize, or wade through lots of page tabs to get to what they’re after. But remember, people are used to scrolling down pages using a phone, so it doesn’t matter if pages are a little longer.

Hint: keep images simple and image file sizes down so people don’t have to wait ages for pictures to render – otherwise they’ll give up and move on.

3. Intuitive navigation

Make it easy for users to jump instantly to the information or content they need – like your phone number, or a GPS map.

Make the most of the fact that mobile phones have some powerful features. For example, users will welcome time saving options like an instant link to your social media or the convenience of click-to-call (which saves them having to jot down your number and then ring).

4. Get a Telnames .tel

Making the mobile web-browsing experience trouble-free is a cinch with a .tel from Telnames.

Our one page .tel mobile ready websites take out all the hassle of designing for mobile users, and makes it easy for customers to find you and make contact.

Personalised in just minutes, your .tel name displays all the essential content customers need in a single profile page that displays fast on any mobile device. Plus it makes it easy for you to offer mobile users handy time-saving options like instant click to view/call actions.

A .tel from Telnames gives you a unique branded mobile presence you can share and post everywhere to drive sales and client leads back to your business.

How-To Guide: Add images!

Add images to your .tel name to create a powerful and personalised brand identity and provide visual information on your products and services. It’s a great way to ‘show and tell’ prospective customers exactly what you can offer.

They say a picture is worth a thousand words and websites with eye catching images not only look good but appeal to visitors who are enticed to find out more.

Display a Logo and/or background image in the header section What’s the challenge?

Your .tel name mobile friendly website gives you lots of opportunity to introduce visual impact and showcase your value proposition to prospective customers.

You can display a logo at the top of your page right next to your title. It’s a competitive world and your brand identity will help your business stand out from the pack and make it easy for consumers to remember you.

You can also upload up to 10 images in your image gallery. This is where you can display your products or services in action. But to give the right impression make sure your images are as professional as possible.

You can also personalise your .tel name with a background image that will deliver added impact for people viewing it from a desktop.

.Tel us: Practical steps and top tips

The actual display spaces for images on a .tel name are as follows:

  • Logo image: 90 x 90 pixels
  • Image gallery: 250 x 250 pixels

When it comes to the background image, because this will be displayed on a variety of monitor and tablet screen sizes, we recommend you go for a 4:3 aspect ratio (for example 1440 x 1080 pixels).

Example of an Image Advert

A .tel mobile website is designed to load fast on web and smartphone, so it’s best to avoid very large images. Wherever possible we will compress large images when they are uploaded, but this may not be possible if an image is really large.

Include an image on your voucher

Images can be uploaded through your management console and should be in JPG, GIF or PNG format. If you get an error message on upload, retry with a smaller image or contact our support team.

.Tel us: The benefits

Images create a strong ‘story appeal’ and should be clearly related to what you do. Information-rich images directly linked to your content – and not purely for decorative purposes – are highly valued by site visitors.

Shots that show off your products or services in action are of value to site visitors and help to build confidence. But creating the right impression will depend on high quality images – if you’re unsure, then don’t include.

Our image FAQ

Mobile Rules!

The arrival of smartphones and tablet computers has changed the world as we know it. Whether you are running a small business or are a sole trader, it’s time to make sure your business is prepared for the consumer move to mobile internet.

Here comes mobile

SofiaShoot2Industry experts confirm that sales of smartphones and tablet devices, like iPads, are booming. So much so, they now outstrip the sale of laptop PCs. In the first three months of 2013, smartphone shipments exceeded those of non-smartphones for the first time, according to CCS Insight, and around 50% of mobile phones in the UK are now ‘smart.

Tablets and smartphones have brought the IT and mobile worlds together. And it’s changed the way we look for information on the move.

What’s changing?

Handy and convenient, personal and taken everywhere, smartphones and tablets have opened the way for people to search the web and use social and location services – at a moment’s notice and wherever they are. This ‘on the move’ capability has seen eCommerce take off in a big way.

All the signs are that people love using their phones and tablets to shop and search online for products and services. Today mobile devices account for 1 in every 4 website visits and big names like Amazon, Google and Facebook are working hard to make sure the mobile user experience of their online services is top notch.

It’s all about the user experience….

What’s true for big brand names like Amazon is true for businesses of any size. Getting seen and noticed on the web depends on delivering a great user experience that helps to promote your products and services.

A great mobile website needs to work on a mobile or tablet. And it needs to deliver key content fast.

Typically, mobile visitors are looking for the information basics – long product descriptions, case studies or catalogues are not as relevant for the mobile user. They’re much more interested in finding out about what products and services you provide, the geographical extent of your service delivery and the –crucial details such as your address or telephone number.

Think about your content

If you’re a small business or sole trader looking to make the most of the boom in mobile then you’ll need a smart, online, mobile friendly website that sets out the basics and clearly displays all the ways you can be contacted.

A .tel name from Telnames makes it easy to create a high impact directory profile page containing all your essential information – including social media links – that is displayed in a smart mobile-friendly way.

Giving you a powerful and mobile optimised presence that has instant appeal to smartphone and tablet users and takes all the guess work out of understanding what works in the world of mobile.

Get .tel social!

Want to connect with customers in new ways? Why not tap into the power of smartphones and the use of popular mobile social apps to generate increased brand awareness?

Step 1: Reach out to mobile users with Facebook

Facebook is the number-one mobile social network. More and more, people are using their smartphones to keep up to date with friends and find out what’s happening right now with their favourite brands.

Keep your Facebook page updated with product news, customers stories and seasonal hints and tips to encourage activity (Likes, Comments and Shares) and positive feedback) from customers. The secret with Facebook Pages is to make sure the content you publish is valuable – not just interesting. It’s a great way of staying front of mind with your customer base.

Top .tel Tip: Why not ask questions to boost the amount of feedback you receive?

Step 2: Tweet all about it!

A massive 60% of Twitter users are on mobile and your Twitter profile is a great place to share breaking news, local updates and good conversations with your mobile customers.

If you want people to retweet your content, you need to leave room for your audience to have their say. This means creating Tweets with about 100 characters, as opposed to the maximum 140, enabling someone else add to a comment when they share your original message.

Top .tel Tip: Why not follow your brand’s biggest advocates? You can discover what else they may be interested in as well acknowledging their custom and showing interest. 

Step 3: Get seen on Instagram

Easily integrated into Facebook and Twitter, Instagram is one of the most popular mobile apps and is a great way to give your more visual products and services a greater impact.

The key to success on Instagram is high quality pictures. The better the quality the more attention you’ll get. Describe the picture in the description, creating hashtags from keywords. Encourage your followers to use a particular hashtag that you can monitor – or even use for a promotion.

Publishing to Instagram includes the option to publish to other platforms like Facebook and Twitter, making your job easier and enabling your content to be more widely seen.

Top .tel Tip: As well as using photos taken with your phone, you can upload images taken and editing via other devices. 

Step 4: Bring it .tel together

Visitors to your Telnames mobile optimised website can instantly access your social media profiles  via instant click-to-visit links. Once there they can sign up, become a follower and stay up to date with all your news and hot promotions.

A handy ‘Social Sharing’ button makes it easy for visitors to your .tel mobile website to conveniently share your web address on their own Facebook, Twitter and Google+ accounts, as well as by email.

With more and more people engaging with social applications from their phone while on the move, you should be using mobile to connect with your customers and extend your reach.

Your .tel mobile website makes it even easier to harness the power of social marketing and boost visibility of your brand with customers old and new!

Featured .tel of the week: Strawberry Leisure

iPhone-strawberryleisurePlanning a wedding in Cornwall? Then why not engage Lola, Lily and Lulu – the region’s most attention grabbing classic VW wedding campervans – for some truly show stopping moments. Strawberry Leisure promise to make you feel like royalty, with original and cool wedding transport that’s guaranteed to thrill guests and onlookers alike.

What we love about this .tel

A detailed profile and biography tells you all you need to know about this unique chauffer service which covers the whole of Cornwall. What’s more, Strawberry Leisure’s industry credentials prove they’re qualified to look after you in style – they’ve been voted the UK’s ‘Créme of the Crop’ and are previous winners of the coveted ‘Best Wedding Transport’ awards!

Highlight mobile website features:

A stunning image gallery on their mobile friendly website brings Lola, Lily and Lulu to life. What’s more, a great little video of Lucy and Stuart’s wedding gives you a tempting insight of what’s on offer for your special day.

You can find Strawberry Leisure at

Featured .tel of the week: CMC Tuning

iPhone-cmctuningPassionate about racing and automotive development, CMC Tuning offers everything you need for race, rally, track and road use. This Hereford-based motorsport specialist offers the products and services you’ll need to achieve poll position on the road!

What we love about this .tel

Want to find out where the team is appearing next? A quick click from their mobile friendly website takes you to CMC Tuning’s Facebook page for their latest news and appearance updates. Petrol heads will love the shots contained in an action-packed image gallery – and you’ll find even more of them when you click the instant link to the full website.

Highlight mobile website features:

Visiting CMC Tuning is easy. The embedded Google map and some handy detailed directions make it easy to find your way to their premises. A great little video, featuring MD Tom Magnay, tells you all about the company’s supreme expertise – including some impressive motorsport credentials.

You can find CMC Tuning at

The early adopters of mobile websites are not who you think

New whitepaper uncovers the businesses leading the way in adopting mobile websites – and capitalising on the consumer boom in mobile search

London, UK, 3rd December 2013. – Research from Telnames today reveals that the businesses leading the way in adopting mobile websites are not who you might think, according to a new white paper from mobile –optimised website leader Telnames. The businesses leading the way in adopting mobile websites – and capitalising on the consumer boom in mobile search – are not the larger hi-tech companies with established and mature web presences that people might expect. It is the UK’s small and micro businesses that have most enthusiastically adopted mobile technology. The full whitepaper is now available for download from

The explosive growth in mobile search traffic represents a major opportunity for businesses looking to attract browsers on the move or searching at home on their smartphone and tablet devices, and Telnames’ whitepaper clearly shows that small and micro enterprise owners in particular have been quick to grasp the benefits of establishing a mobile-ready web presence. The news comes at an exciting time for small companies with Small Business Saturday, a day-long celebration of small and local businesses being held on 7th December 2013. In support of the UK’s first Small Business Saturday (SBS), Telnames is offering new customers a special discount price of £9.95. This offer of a third off a mobile-optimised .tel website is available via the promotional order code ‘SBS’. Telnames websites are designed with mobile users in mind, they are quick and easy to set up and changes can be made at any time. The offer is open until the 31st December 2013.

According to research by Google, 95% of smartphone users search for local businesses and services online and 68% of these local information-seekers call or visit a business within one hour of finding information on their phones. Furthermore, it has been predicted that mobile will overtake fixed internet access in 2014. However, a recent study by Barclays reveals the majority of UK businesses appear unprepared for the shift in consumer activity away from PCs and laptops to mobile devices. Indeed, the bank’s report reveals that 89% of businesses still have not developed their website for mobile devices. Micro businesses have bucked this trend, however, with 51% of Telnames customer base being businesses with five staff or less. Relying on a local customer base, these businesses have intuitively understood the value of mobile to attract customers on the move.

Telnames’ Chief Marketing Officer Ian Bowen-Morris comments: “The results of our research may come as a surprise to some people that small businesses are leading the way in this area. Telnames is a champion of small business, and has helped thousands of small businesses to get online and get found with a mobile-optimised .tel website that is affordable, easy to manage and fully customisable. With Small Business Saturday just around the corner, we are offering a special promotional discount for customers who use the code SBS to help even more small businesses access mobile web and the benefits that will bring.

The full briefing paper is now available for download from:

Featured .tel of the week: Stems of Beauty

iPhone-stemsofbeautyJust two minutes from High Wycombe rail station, this independent florist offers beautiful floral creations that are perfect for any occasion and pocket. Alongside a bespoke hand tied bouquets and arrangements for weddings, funerals, birthdays and christenings as well as corporate events, the entrepreneurial team offers a selection of gift options for commuters in a hurry. A quick visit to the Stems of Beauty shop reveals a carefully chosen selection of plants, gifts and artwork from local suppliers – plus a professional balloon service.

What we love about this .tel

A handy click-to-view map, plus information on opening times, makes it easy to navigate your way to the Stems of Beauty store where you can make a personal selection from the wide choice of options on offer.

Highlight mobile feature:

To give you some ideas, a very professional image gallery showcases some of the fabulous designs on offer. If you’ve got time to browse and want to do some more in-depth research, a handy link will take you from their mobile website, directly to Stems of Beauty’s full website.

You can find Stems of Beauty at

Top Tips for Small Business Saturday

Get involved in Small Business Saturday


The UK is celebrating its first Small Business Saturday on 7 December 2013. It’s a great way for small businesses to promote themselves and generate trade.

Small businesses of all kinds are taking part. They’re planning special deals for customers, getting involved in showcase events, doing joint marketing with media. And more!

Here are our tips on how to get the best from Small Business Saturday.

1          Sign up to Small Business Saturday UK

Whether you’re a family business, local shop, online business, wholesaler or small manufacturer, Small Business Saturday is supporting YOU!

Visit Small Business Saturday UK and sign up for a package full of goodies which includes posters, badges and stands. If you’ve got any plans for the day then you can update the Small Business Facebook page.

Small Business Saturday has also designed some great messaging to help your business talk about Small Business Saturday on your Facebook page and Twitter stream, using the approved #SmallBizSatUK hashtag. Get the messaging when you sign up for free.

2          Investigate local promotion opportunities

Why not reach out to your local council or trade association and find out if they have a Small Business Saturday event you can get involved in?

Alternatively promote what’s happening locally to your customers via your social media and harness your brand to the Small Business Saturday press frenzy. It’s a great way to start a discussion with customers about the benefits of doing business with a local micro business:

  1. Shopping locally is more environmentally friendly
  2. It keeps money in the local economy
  3. Local providers know their customers’ likes and needs  – which means you get a more personalised range of product choices
  4. Micro businesses are prepared to give you more time and a highly individualised personal service – sharing their hard earned knowledge and expertise.

3          Check out what support is available

Organisations like American Express, the Federation of Small Businesses, the Forum for Private Business, the Association of Convenience Stores, the British Chamber of Commerce and many others representing hundreds of thousands of local businesses are promoting events and activities and talking to the media.

Visit their websites and find out what’s available for you to get involved in. Or why not come up with some ideas to kick off your own local promotions and events?

4          Get involved

As a small business, it pays to get involved in Small Business Saturday:

  1. Communicate The Day – place a poster in your window, and use social media to tell customers about the day and what it’s all about
  2. Promote The Day –create a promotion specific to Small Business Saturday, like a 10% discount, free wrapping or delivery and so forth
  3. Share The Day – tell people about your planning experiences on the Small Business Saturday’s Facebook and Twitter pages – and don’t forget to update your own social media
  4. Club Together with neighbouring small businesses and run a street bazaar or team up with a local shop for a joint event. Why not contact a local celebrity and get them to visit and buy something on the day – and get your local TV/radio to cover the moment!

5          Bring it all together with a Telnames .tel

When it comes to building an online presence, it clearly pays to bring all your online profiles together in one easy-to-access ‘promotional hub’ where you can show what you do and share what others think of you.

Your .tel name is a mobile friendly website that’s great for promoting your participation in Small Business Saturday.

You can upload your special offer or voucher deal that’s tied into the event, promote your social feeds so everyone knows what you’re planning for the day, and boost local awareness of what you have on offer.

6          Don’t forget to .tel us.

Even better, Telnames are proud supporters of the UK’s first ever Small Business Saturday. So if you’re a business planning on taking part, then give us an update and we’ll help promote your involvement in the run up to the event.

Let us know by tweeting us at @tel_names or on our Facebook page. We look forward to hearing from you.

We are also offering a special discount code to aid small businesses in getting online in time for the event. For just £9.95, you can get a mobile optimised website for your business. To use the voucher code, simply enter - SBS - when you sign up and receive your 30% discount.


Featured .tel of the week:

iPhone-whiskysYorkshire’s oldest specialist whisky merchant, Whiskys offers over 600 tipples from around the world. First established as an expert whisky shop in March 1995, today Whiskys provides a tempting choice of other high quality beverages including scotch, single malts and blends, as well as brandy, gin, rum and vodka. There’s plenty of tasting and style advice on offer when you drop into their shop at Stamford Bridge and you can check out the full range of options and gift ideas on their full website at

What we love about this .tel

This fabulous .tel mobile friendly website is packed with social media links, so you can stay up-to-date with the latest stock additions and whisky news. For example, a quick click on their Pinterest link takes you to a world of whisky galore where you can find out about Japanese and Welsh whiskies…and more! If you want to explore the merchandise or place an order, an instant link from the takes you to their whiskys website.

Highlight mobile feature:

An enticing voucher gives you 5% discount on orders placed on line or when you visit their shop – but hurry, the offer expires on 30 November 2013!

You can find Whiskys at